de 04.12 a 07.12 | São Paulo          2013


The term strange music refers to the notion of the exotic, the unusual, the extraordinary; also brings something that enraptures us or impacts the musical enjoyment. When we research the term strange music, we are subjected to a series of music styles and sub-genres ranging from contemporary classical music, experimental music, electroacoustic and acousmatic music, folk music and experimental pop, audio art and sound installations.


In our case we define the concept as being the merge of all these definitions always oriented to a contemporary, innovative and restless approach, where the artist looks for new paradigms and sound relations in the creation, performance and musical fruition.


In this bias we bring to light experiences that work together with other languages ​​such as audiovisual, lightning, culinary or musical theatre.


Anyway, and not by chance, we will explore new ways of building the musical scenic space, fleeing from the proscenium, occupying unusual spaces and arrangements causing a new relation with the public, seeking a sensory immersion.


Strange Music! has artistic direction and is conceived by Thiago Cury.




Having the Centro Cultural São Paulo (São Paulo Cultural Center) as the heart of Strange Music!, we will also hold concerts in alternative spaces which are emerging as centers of new artists such as Zebra, located in the old city center, and Centro Cultural Rio Verde, in the Vila Madalena neighborhood.


In addition to the concerts, the programme will held debates and panels with topics that discuss new models and mechanisms for the creation, production, fruition and sales in this artistic cutout. In the society of today the ways and means to strengthen this segment through a music business model that takes into account their specificities, their environment and their potential audience are diffuse and scattered.